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Women, What are they, What do they want, What do they want to do, What do they do and What have they done.
This book will explain women, well to be honest women can’t be explained, and reveal the ultimate truth about women, well let’s get straight to it then
Women as a dictionary describes them are the female version of a human but how can we really consider them humans after all that they did and what they continue to do. Women in a nutshell can be described as the ULTIMATE SURVIVAL MACHINE they will do what it takes to live the best life possible for them and their children without giving a single fuck about who gets harmed in the process (most usually men). They don’t care if you will die or whatever the fuck happens to you. They want the best life possible for them and you can’t blame them it’s in their DNA. God has created them like that. I won’t blame them. Why else would they be gold diggers? Women can literally fuck their way out of problems. In a problem with your boss just hook up with him EASY DONE. Unfortunately, god has given them the ability of sex and they exploit it for their own gain. They are incapable of feeling remorse for all that they do. They surely will fake it if it will benefit them in any way. They can’t feel emotion yet they can fake it. Why are they known as the “emotional” gender? They TRULY AREN’T because they ONLY FAKE IT. The thing is they will fake anything if needed. Women CRAVE something called attention and social validation. The best way to make a woman feel useless is to deprive her of your attention. They especially crave male attention. Second thing is social validation. Women always want to feel what they are doing is right or that people love her. Women with what they do you might wonder how they get social validation. An easy example is feminism. It tells them you are special unique (“snowflakes”) and the best no matter what. It gives them all the validation they need considering how wide spread it is now. Feminism is nothing more than a movement to make women feel better about their misery under the cover of “equality”. If they were truly about equal rights for both genders as they say they are wouldn’t they be egalitarians or humanitarians. Those 2 groups support what exactly feminists claim they support. They chose FEMInism they made it about women rebutting my claim that women only care about themselves and don’t give a fuck about you. A great way to remember women is by “Women do not love men. Women love what men can do for them”