Paste #7356

me	1:04 AM
This one? ;)
Cameron Desautels	1:04 AM
yup :)
Howard Abrams	1:04 AM
Cameron Desautels	1:05 AM
If you guys haven't seen this, we should all try to contribute and help out:
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Sacha Chua muted Dan Reed.
Sacha Chua	1:09 AM
(Dan: I muted you because of background noise, but you can always unmute yourself when you're ready to ask a question =) )
Jonathan Hill	1:10 AM
does anybody know how to full screen the hang out? I guess I could just full-screen chrome on the mac.. :-/
Sacha Chua	1:11 AM
If you reduce your font size a lot, the main screen gets bigger, but let me just ask Howard to increase his text scale
Leo Ufimtsev	1:12 AM
Btw, I came across an aggregator module:
allows sql-like aggregation for tables
Jonathan Hill	1:15 AM
Howard, I've got a sidebar question about how you're jumping around with the cursor seemingly arbitrarily when you can find a convenient spot to answer.
Sacha Chua	1:16 AM
He might not see the chat while screensharing, so maybe you can ask out loud when there's a gap =)
Cameron Desautels	1:16 AM
Could be the mouse ;) Though it took me a minute to realize that.
Sacha Chua	1:16 AM
By the way, the nifty bullets on the headings are probably because of org-bullets.el, if you like that effect =)
Jonathan Hill	1:17 AM
his modeline is gorgeous
Cameron Desautels	1:17 AM
That's likely powerline.
Sacha Chua	1:18 AM
Ooh, relative line numbers
Cameron Desautels	1:19 AM
I think I have some bad lag. Sorry about that. My ISP is terrible.
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jason Peak	1:23 AM
hi everyone, sorry I'm late
Leo Ufimtsev	1:23 AM
I don't think I'll have time to prepare org-aggregator in this hangout. I can show a org-dot-emacs setup thou. Or some stuff on time-reporting
Sacha Chua	1:23 AM
No worries! =)
jason Peak	1:25 AM
me	1:26 AM
how do you increase the font quickly?
Cameron Desautels	1:27 AM
C-x C-=
me	1:27 AM
and decrease would be C-x C--?
Cameron Desautels	1:27 AM
me	1:27 AM
great, thanks.
Will Monroe	1:28 AM
I spend most of my time in emacs in org-mode FWIW
Leo Ufimtsev	1:31 AM
I'm on twice. My hangouts crashed on my phone, (black screen). @Sacha would you be able to kick out my 2nd instance?
(the one with black screen, not the one with picture)
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Leo Ufimtsev has been removed from this video call.
Leo Ufimtsev	1:31 AM
jason Peak	1:32 AM
Complete beginner - I like the idea of using org as an organically developing a database of /My stuff/
Cameron Desautels	1:32 AM
Will: that's interesting. Do you want to speak about your uses? You might have a unique perspective.
Jonathan Hill	1:32 AM
That's absurdly powerful, S :)
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Will Monroe	1:33 AM
Cameron: I'd be glad to. Very much a beginner though! ; )
Cameron Desautels	1:34 AM
There are other beginners hereā€”it's probably exactly what they'd need!
me	1:34 AM
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Leo Ufimtsev	1:35 AM
I could show some things if folks are interested.